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7 Good Reasons to Buy Electric Vehicle

Here is our list of 7 good reasons why you should buy an electric vehicle instead of a gasoline vehicle

7 Good Reasons to Buy an Electric Vehicle

1. Government subsidies and tax credits

All major countries are incentivize the purchase of electric vehicles under various programs.

For instance, In the USA government provides $3,750 tax credit, Canada provides a $5,000 rebate for any vehicles costing under $45,000. In the UK government provides a subsidy of£3,500 (Flat discount on purchase price).

Asian countries like India and China provide 20% and 25% subsidy respectively on any electric vehicle purchased.

2. Cost-saving

How many times do you visit the service center to get your vehicle engine tuned up, engine oil changed in a year? And how much do you end up spending on parts replacement every time you service your vehicle?  Well, with electric vehicles you need not worry about these cost factors, because electric vehicles have less mechanical parts, don’t require you to change engine oil, and don’t require emission tests. So maintenance costs will be less for electric vehicles. Since governments are already providing incentives to purchase an electric vehicle, in cost factor electric vehicles are the clear winner.

3. Instant torque (Quick pick up)

Electric vehicles reach maximum torque at zero RPM. This means the moment traffic light turns green you can zoom your vehicle with a quick pick up, you need not wait till engine RPM reaches a certain level for maximum torque.

4. Better battery technology, More range, and quick charge

Battery technology for electric vehicles has come out of its nascent stage, now, electric vehicles manufacturers are using Lithium-ion batteries and Li-ion polymer batteries which are giving a driving range of 200 Miles -400 Miles and can be fully charged within 60 minutes.

One company which has been making great strides in improving battery reliability and performance is Tesla, Inc. an American automotive and energy company based in Palo Alto, California.

5. Charging station infrastructure

Most of the countries have more electric vehicle charging stations now than a decade before. manufacturers are coming up with their exclusive networks of charging stations and tying up with fuel stations too.

6. Environment-friendly – Zero Emission Vehicle

Electric vehicles are environment-friendly, unlike fuel vehicles which are globally responsible for emission of noxious gases like carbon monoxide (CO), Hydrocarbons (HC) and nitrogen oxides (NOx). These gases are a kind of slow poison and have already wreaked havoc on millions of lives.

Though petroleum refineries and fuel engine vehicle manufacturers claim that through advanced technology they are trying to bring down the levels of these emissions, the damage to the environment is already done. To reverse the damage, it has become important now more than ever to shift from fuel vehicles to electric vehicles.  

7. Be an early adopter to changing technology

Be a catalyst to industrial disruption and Economy growth, for a better future.

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