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Harley Davidson launches its first Electric Motorcycle – Livewire

Livewire – Harley Davidson first Electric Motorcycle

By the last week of August, Harley Davidson finished launching its first-ever electric motorcycle, Livewire, across all major international markets. The Initial plan for vehicle launch was released in January 2019, Now the vehicle has been launched in all major markets.

One thing to be happy about is that vehicle has the same specs across different countries. So we will take through the highlights of the product.

0-60 in 3 sec

Electric Vehicles give instant torque, which allows the electric motorcycle to get a good initial pickup and reach from 0-60 or 0-100 faster than petrol motorcycles. With 110Nm torque, in terms of acceleration Harley Davidson Livewire can clock 0-60 in 3 seconds.

Powered by 98 HP (73 Kw).

146 Miles range/ 235 KM

With 15.5 kWh High voltage lithium-ion battery Livewire delivers 146 miles/ 235 KM range in city condition. On highways, range 94 miles/ 152 KM.

It takes approximately 1 hr to charge the battery to 100% at a DC charging station to get this kind of range from fully charged battery. However, it takes approximately 6-8 Hrs to get it fully charged from a normal household power outlet.

High on technology, Livewire boosts cornering enhanced anti-lock braking system managed by electronic chassis control system, traction control system and drag-torque slip control system.

Digital Instrument Panel

A 10.9 cm touchscreen display feeds real-time information on range, speed, battery capacity left, navigation, and over the air updates.

Livewire offers 4 built-in ride modes: Sport, Road, Range, and Rain. The Rider has the option to add 3 more modes based on his required customization.

Offered in 3 colors (Black, Orange, Yellow), Livewire comes with Brembo disc brakes, adjustable Showa front and rear suspension, customization accessories.

After Livewire electric motorcycle, Harley Davidson has plans to launch electric bikes very soon, the concept models for electric bikes have also been revealed. Livewire is priced at $29,799 in the USA. The Product is open for booking across North America and western Europe. Bookings not yet open in India, China, and other Asian markets.

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