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Mahindra Electric Launched its Treo Electric Rickshaw in Kerala

Mahindra Electric has launched its electric two auto-rickshaw models in Kerala this week. Treo and Treo Yaari electric autos were announced on November 2018, and are now available in all major cities.

Both autos rickshaws are powered by fully Lithium-Ion 48V battery,

Treo has a battery capacity of 7.37kWh, with a seating capacity of Driver+3 Passengers delivers 170KM range from one full charge (Full charge time 3.5-4Hrs) and a top speed of 45kM/h

Treo Yaari has a battery capacity of 3.69kWh. with a seating capacity of Driver + 4 seats delivers a range of 129 KM from one full charge (Full charge time 2.5Hrs) and a top speed of 85KM/h

 Since both are electric-powered, they zoom with incredibly impressive torque when compared to petrol auto-rickshaws. Treo delivers 30Nm torque, Treo Yaari delivers 19Nm torque.

Mahindra Electric is offering these models with a warranty period of 3 years or 80,000KM, battery warranty of 5 years.

Both models come in two different variants –SFT and HRT, However, the only difference between the two variants is roof type, SFT variant comes with flex canopy rooftop and HRT variant comes with a hard top rooftop

Subsidy from central and state government is applicable – Central government provides a 20% subsidy on electric vehicles, state government subsidies vary from state to state, Kerala Govt is expected to offer 30,000 rupees as subsidies on these models as per launch announcement.

Both these models are already available in major cities, they can be seen on Delhi and Bangalore roads and have garnered good response from commuters and drivers alike, Monthly charging cost for a typical electric auto is almost 80% less than fuel cost for petrol engine auto rickshaw.

Currently, In India auto-rickshaw industry is dominated by Bajaj auto, TVS motors, and Piaggio. Charging station infrastructure and networks in tier-2 cities will be a challenge for Mahindra Electric.


Treo Ex-Showroom price – ₹ 2,60,383 (After Subsidy)

Treo Yaari Ex-Showroom price- ₹ 1,65,552 (After Subsidy)

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